Sunday, 22 May 2011

Anita's vintage fashion fair

It's Sunday afternoon and we have no plans...what's best than a good old vintage fashion fair??? So we head to the beautiful Battersea arts it is!

Lots of lovely jewellery...

...gorgeous vintage leather bags...

...and some crazy vintage outfits!

So...these are our picks for the be added to our secret closet!
Do you like them???

L's crazy ring...

and furry necklace...perfect for the winter!

S's necklace

Vintage mission accomplished ;-)

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The first treasure revealed

We have decided to reveal our first treasure!

This item is very special to S because she is absolutely crazily in love with Miu Miu. But it's not just about the brand or about the's about the story that comes with this BAG!!!

It all started with a last minute shopping trip to buy a birthday present. And just by chance, I was in the right place at the right time...I noticed a buzz around the new MiuMiu store on Bond St and  I remembered that it was due to open that same night. It was the chance of a lifetime. I decided that one way or another I had to be there. 5 minutes later I was in paradise.

I made it! I was inside! Paps were taking pictures of me as if I was famous. I was sipping champagne surrounded by hollywood stars and the best fashion journalists. OH MY GOD!

And the I saw IT, the bag. It was love at first sight. I love the shape inspired by a vintage camera bag, I love the color, the fabric, everything! And just to make it better, it was a limited edition bag only available in the Bond St store.

So this is not just another designer bag, everytime I wear it, it feels very special! What do you think about this first treasure? Have you also got an item that is particularly precious to you?  let us know!!! xxx

Monday, 9 May 2011

Natural vs Synthetic materials

I recently found myself shopping on the high street and overheard a girl in the changing room saying how the shirt she was trying on felt so soft and silky...unfortunately for her there was no silk in sight and she ended up paying 25£ (40$) for a 100% polyester top. I know that's nothing compared to designer prices but you always have to think if the price is right compared to the quality of the garment.
I personally always look out for natural fibres such as cotton and wool for the winter. My absolute favourite material is silk. You can't beat the history behind it, the fact that it is popular all over the world, from China to India, from Persia to the mediterranean. Silk trade started more than 2000 years ago and there is no reason why we should stop wearing silk to cover ourselves in plastic, right?
I decided to post a picture of a Hermes scarf as I think they are the leaders in the field. The pattern and design on their scarves are so special that people frame them and hang them as paintings. Did you know that?
For those of you who are thinking ' I don't want to spend a fortune on silk'... go VINTAGE! I am a fan of vintage fair where you can find silk scarves from as little as 5£ (8$)!!! I even found one for 1£ was hiding in a pile of polyester ones but I recognized it as soon as I touched it!
So, as usual, think of quality first!!! And for those of you who live in the UK, check out liberty's collection for TKMaxx! An absolute steal!

Friday, 6 May 2011

A bit more about us...

TheSecretCloset is slowly making its way into the blog world so maybe you would like to know more about us. You already know we are a pair, in fact we are sisters. We are very lucky to have similar shoes and clothes sizes so we exchange a lot of our treasures. There are various reasons why people around us don't know about our secret closet...our everyday life means we can not run around in high heels and wear expensive clothes. In fact S. works in the lab wearing a labcoat everyday :-) There will soon be a picture of us soon as L finishes her exams! Good luck to anyone taking exams xxx

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Know your brands, know your facts

Oh Chanel...everybody loves Chanel
But how many people who wear these ballerinas know why they are so special? Why did Coco want them to be bicolor? And why choose nude and black? It's not just a coincidence!
The reason behind the nude color is Coco believed it would make the ladies legs look longer by creating a continuity between the leg, the ankle and the foot. The black end is there to make the foot look shorter, small feet being something ladies should aspire to.
To be honest, Coco would probably prefer a bit of heel on these shoes...but modern times call for confortable shoes to rush around in.
All this just to say, when you wear such a historic brand, be aware of the 'baggage' that comes with it. Just remember that you are an ambassador for the brand, you should represent their values and beliefs.
Ditch all the other colors (especially pink!) and invest in the classic!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Welcome to TheSecretCloset

To all fashion lovers...welcome to TheSecretCloset!
This blog is about two simple girls with a passion for beautiful fashion pieces
We believe fashion is not all about splashing cash, size 0 and showing off
We appreciate creativity, quality and uniqueness. We love clothes that make us feel good.
In the years we have accumulated a small treasure which we don't reveal to anyone so join us to discover our SecretCloset!