Monday, 9 May 2011

Natural vs Synthetic materials

I recently found myself shopping on the high street and overheard a girl in the changing room saying how the shirt she was trying on felt so soft and silky...unfortunately for her there was no silk in sight and she ended up paying 25£ (40$) for a 100% polyester top. I know that's nothing compared to designer prices but you always have to think if the price is right compared to the quality of the garment.
I personally always look out for natural fibres such as cotton and wool for the winter. My absolute favourite material is silk. You can't beat the history behind it, the fact that it is popular all over the world, from China to India, from Persia to the mediterranean. Silk trade started more than 2000 years ago and there is no reason why we should stop wearing silk to cover ourselves in plastic, right?
I decided to post a picture of a Hermes scarf as I think they are the leaders in the field. The pattern and design on their scarves are so special that people frame them and hang them as paintings. Did you know that?
For those of you who are thinking ' I don't want to spend a fortune on silk'... go VINTAGE! I am a fan of vintage fair where you can find silk scarves from as little as 5£ (8$)!!! I even found one for 1£ was hiding in a pile of polyester ones but I recognized it as soon as I touched it!
So, as usual, think of quality first!!! And for those of you who live in the UK, check out liberty's collection for TKMaxx! An absolute steal!


  1. Last week I found a vintage shop where I live and you are right, it was easy to find silk blouses for a very cheap price! If you like silk (not only to wear but to "study" this material throughout history and on different clothes) you should go to Lyon. You can find lot's of places and museums about it, as the city was plenty of "atéliers" hundreds of years ago.
    You'd enjoy it

  2. Thanks for letting me know!!! xxx

  3. I'm obsessed with silk lately! I found some awesome silk blouses that i just want to sleep in and never take off. Cool post, cool blog. i'm now following, follow back if you like;)

    Infinite Stylez