Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The first treasure revealed

We have decided to reveal our first treasure!

This item is very special to S because she is absolutely crazily in love with Miu Miu. But it's not just about the brand or about the's about the story that comes with this BAG!!!

It all started with a last minute shopping trip to buy a birthday present. And just by chance, I was in the right place at the right time...I noticed a buzz around the new MiuMiu store on Bond St and  I remembered that it was due to open that same night. It was the chance of a lifetime. I decided that one way or another I had to be there. 5 minutes later I was in paradise.

I made it! I was inside! Paps were taking pictures of me as if I was famous. I was sipping champagne surrounded by hollywood stars and the best fashion journalists. OH MY GOD!

And the I saw IT, the bag. It was love at first sight. I love the shape inspired by a vintage camera bag, I love the color, the fabric, everything! And just to make it better, it was a limited edition bag only available in the Bond St store.

So this is not just another designer bag, everytime I wear it, it feels very special! What do you think about this first treasure? Have you also got an item that is particularly precious to you?  let us know!!! xxx


  1. This bag is fantastic ! I am so in love with Miu Miu bags ! Keep up the good work with your blog !

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  3. Amazing bag!! I love miumiu!
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  4. Hi! I love the bag and I love Miu Miu!!
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