Monday, 5 September 2011

To buy or not to buy full price

Hello boys and girls!

I am back after a weekend of BBQ, painting and antiques' fair...!!! Today I wanted to talk about the dilemma of buying full price or waiting for the items on our wish list to go on sale...
Here is an outfit that I wore on saturday to visit Borough Market. I bought the dress and the shoes at the beginning of the season and therefore paid full price (or almost) for them.

The dress is by Miu Miu cruise collection 2011 whereas the shoes are Prada, bought with a small reduction (15%) in Liberty when snow was still on the pavements in january. Everybody thought I was completely crazy to buy such expensive items so early in the season. Well, I think I made the most of them and consider them as two of the best buys of the year. As you can see from the second picture I started wearing the LBD in the winter for a night out, if I could I would wear that dress everyday!!!

Just for your interest accessories in the first picture are as follows: Dior heart charm bracelet, Ice watch and Gucci bag, H&M cardigan. Second picture: Topshop cardigan, Ice watch and Longchamp bag.

So was I right to 'splash the cash'? Do you buy full price to be sure to have the item? Or do you wait risking never seeing it again?

Let me know xxxTheSecretClosetxxx


  1. in love with your longchamp bag.take a look at my blog...i wrote a post of new longchamp collection.if you like it we can follow each other.xoxo mininuni

  2. I adore the bag. I think it's good to purchase things half price if one can. I also think the sandals are pretty cool, too;-)
    Have a nice day!

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  5. If I see something I like I usually try to buy as soon as I can. I think buying something full price makes you prouder than buying it half price.
    I love your sandals in the first picture, by the way!

  6. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments! I will write a post about my bag since you liked it so much! That was actually a 50% off purchase! Thanks for following and spread the word about the secretcloset! xxxTSCxxx

  7. I did get it in London and i did pay full price and i did feel a bit sick but i dont think it would have come in the sale- to pay full price i have to abs love a piece and it has to look really good - i love a sale bargain and i do tend to get small discount on a lot of my purchases - it is such a tough one - the only thing i will say is with a good tailor you have a lot more choice in the sales!! Fab purchases btw xx

  8. Yeah you were right to splash the cash!
    :D lovely outfit :):):)