Wednesday, 7 September 2011

A match made in Heaven

Hello SecretCloset readers!

Today I want to talk to you about matching accessories...When I buy a bag, I always think it would be nice to buy the matching wallet, make-up bag, key holder etc...but then I think that I am already overspending on the bag alone so forget the accessories. Plus it would be just like going into a shop, seeing something you like on the mannequin but then buying the whole outfit, it's a sign of lack of imagination.
What happens with me very often is that I buy an itam and then a later purchase happens to match it perfectly!!! Does it ever happen to you?

So this is my match made in heaven...

one of my favourite bags...Miu Miu...bought a few years ago; matched with a brand new Prada wallet...

I guess it helps that they are from the same designer so the color is not completely different. What do you think? Do you like this match made in Heaven???



  1. love it!!!! <3
    pass to my blog!!!

  2. It is a match made in heaven - i often find the perfect match years later - kind of exciting - although sometimes i do buy the skirt and top from one designer then i always have something that goes and i can then mix it as well - usually only ever wear broken up though but i like the idea i will not struggle to match?? Something in that i think? I am not going to FNO - wish i was - i am hound sitting in the country and tons of work on unfortunately - i just go along to LFW and people watch - no invite necessary x